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You can tweak the radius parameter by just changing the number and then watching the output. Those markers are registered sex offenders. Lets take a look at this code: Lines 20-24: if we are able to resolve the city name to its coordinates (21) we extract the latitude (23) and longitude (24). A research paper by the economists Leigh Linden and Jonah Rockoff found that when a sex offender moves into the neighborhood, the values of homes within.1 miles of an offender fall by roughly 4 percent. At the bottom you can click on the charges leveled against that individual. You can of course put more intelligence into your script for your local area, but I will leave that as a homework assignment. . You will need to set your Google Maps API key for the map, so open up ml and go to line 7: Now that you have it pasted in, we are ready to test everything out. Knowing this kind of tool exists can help you plan your next move, community event or simply keep your child away from those who have been convicted of a crime and instructed to be on the sex offense registry. The app is available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store for free. See the diagram below: Ok so this has given us the radius that we want to search within to find all of the schools in a given city.

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Line 39: we pull out the location record from the search results. Do not use these. Family Watchdog does provide fast information in an easy to use format. Researching this information can be daunting. There were two near my home, one which both services confirmed and the second differed. Then try a completely different locale: C:UsersJustinDesktop python -c Detroit Michigan * Attempting to resolve Detroit Michigan * Search radius of 11686.819343 meters * Retrieved 142 schools Refresh your browser and you should see the updated map that has schools in Detroit shown. Since the Google Maps API is handled in Javascript, json is very easily parsed and handled by both programming languages which makes it a logical data format to use. As always, it is interesting to see what you can do with open source data to answer questions that a podcast may cause you to ask. This means you should do a quick: pip install geopy pip install requests, now open up a new file called and start punching in the following code: Ok so the first chunk of code is pretty straightforward, we are. Make sure that you have dropped in your Wikimapia API key before continuing to the next step. I would suggest that someone in your home be brave enough to look at this several times a year to make sure that you are aware of any dangers in your area. King County maintains a database of sex offenders in the county, including the City of Issaquah. We continue to add the results to our list of schools stored in the all_schools variable. Lets add the code that will do exactly that.

is free information provided by law enforcement agencies. The nsopw (National Sex Offender Public Website) app uses your phones location to perform a search in a radius of up to one mile around you. When it comes down to it, I feel that the nsopw app provides more reliable information. Looking at the nsopw website you will find that it pulls information directly from the official databases whereas Family Watchdog provides information from. While this is a blog about performing osint and not about criminal justice systems, we are interested in the data behind this story. . The Issaquah Police Department is notified by the King County Sheriffs Office within 48 hours of a registered sex offenders intention to reside in the City of Issaquah. At about 27:54 in the podcast, the conversation goes: dubner: You can certainly imagine that fear, if you were to learn that a sex offender got out of prison and moved into your neighborhood. Finding housing is one of the hardest things for a sex offender, since they are prohibited from living anywhere from 500 to 2,500 feet thats almost half a mile from a school, daycare, playground, park, or recreation center. And this is where things begin to get costly for you, the innocent homeowner. The Approach, so I scratched out some notes (yeah, with pen and paper) which effectively became my pseudocode: Take any city and province (or state) and find its latitude and longitude. We then take the greatest of the two numbers. They will build you a profile based on the information you put in, but it will require an email address to get the information. I think, I think he reported that 87 percent of the parcels of land in Montgomery City would not be in compliance for a sorna and so were off limits for anyone who was a registered sex offender.

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